Hey there! We are the TEDxSHSID organizing team, and we will be overseeing the entire process of the 2019 event, including brainstorming, funding, speaker-inviting, designing, and more. The event is largely carried out on our own accords, and we work closely with the school's faculty to ensure that we are able to pull off a successful event. Our funding comes from our generous sponsor DingShang Education, but aside from that our event is not influenced by any third parties. We rely wholly on support from the SHSID and greater Shanghai community to continue our efforts in fulfilling the goals of TEDx. We look forward to see you at our upcoming event!

Jenny Yu - Director in Chief

Jenny Yu is grateful to dedicate herself to another year of TEDxYouth@SHSID. Although she barely stumbled through her first few months of junior year, she hopes to create an event that is insightful and impactful for the audience. Outside of school, she enjoys exploring the field of aesthetics and participating in related activites. She sees visual arts as a means to tell stories and convey ideas, much like TEDx's motto "Ideas Worth Spreading," and she hopes that her own understanding of the motto can contribute to an even more interesting event. Having served on last year's organizing team, she loved to see everyone's effort and ideas carefully tied together and wishes to conitnue to bring inspirations to her community.

Drake Zhao - Director of Public Relations

Drake Zhao, a sophomore, is honoured to be TEDxSHSID's Director of PR. She hopes to make the process enjoybale for all and to help in any way she can. This out-of-shape memelord is a performer, choreographer, and makeup artist for Live2Drama; a writer for four magazines; a zealous USAD lunatic; an ASB member; and a PA supervisor. In her day-to-day life, she is most likely writing; watching live recordings of musicals; binging television shows ranging from Friends to Supernatural; over-analyzing every movie ever; having an existential crisis; or simply drowning in music. She is one of the lamest people you will ever meet, but hopes that that lameness will not interfere with her goal of letting everyone to share their truths on the TEDx stage.

Calen Weng - Director of Technology andProductions

Calen Weng, a junior, is excited to be the Director of Technology and Productions for TEDxYouth@SHSID 2019. He looks forward to changing the world's living patterns through technology, and integrating cutting-edge technology into this year's event. Beyond TEDx, Calen is a person interested in anything. He can play video games for 10 hours-straight, or camp in the middle of DunHuang Desert. His favorite movie is Leon because he loves Natalie Portman's performance in the film. Despite all these hobbies, he is also the creator of G-PAC and the second-best Japanese dart player in SHSID. Calen is honored to be a new member of the organizing team and hopes this year's event continues to be a fabulous and exciting one for everybody.

Joyce Ho - Director of Design and Marketing

Joyce Ho, a junor, is honored to be part of TEDxSHSID 2019 as the Director of Marketing and Design. As one of the Creative Co-Directors of SHSID|TIMES, she is accustomed to collecting and editing magazine spreads of various themes, and she looks forward to directing the TEDx design team. Apart from stressing about AP Studio Art, Joyce spends most of her time exploring the field of aesthetics. With her experience in designing event tickets for eBay, she sees people's demands as the essential element of design. She can easily alter between styles to fit different occasions. Unlike the typical A+ students on campus, she dislikes reading and writing and would rather spend most of her time watching old movies and reading comments underneath songs. For the upcoming TEDx event, Joyce hopes to carry on the TED spirit and create more unique visuals.

Linda Li - Director of Digital Media

Going into TEDxSHSID's fifth year, Linda Li is delighted to resume her role as Director of Digital Media. As a junior who has only begun to experience new things, she continues to realize that the world is in fact a really small place. When she's not reading the latest issue of The Atlantic, she's frequenting the most controversial TED Talks on YouTube and absorbs the comment sections through-and-through. (There are some nasty people on the internet.) With a knack for awkward jokes and arriving late, she is thrilled to bring intellectual discourse and exchanges to the 2019 event.

Jade Yue - Director of Finance

   Born in Canada and currently a junior at SHSID, Jade Yue is honored to serve as the Director of Finance in the upcoming 2019 TEDxYouth@SHSID. Other than being a warrior against her academic workload, she is also a dreamer that loves to be inspired by everything around her. She devotes much of her spare time to writing, reading, public speaking, gaming, and most importantly, enjoying her life. She is enthusiastic about sharing her experiences with others, and she is also very passionate about others sharing their experiences. Jade has been a TED-talk lover since primary school when her teacher showed her TED talks, and she hopes to share more inspiring speeches and ideas to all. This year, she is more than excited to bring you more amazing speeches and hopes that everyone will enjoy them!

Jerry Chen, currently a senior at SHSID, is more than honored to serve as the Supervisor for the  TEDxYouth@SHSID 2019 event. Having served as Director in Chief last year and Director of Digital Media the year before, Jerry is dedicated to supervising the production of this year’s event as well. With great passion and so little time, Jerry loves to read, write, and travel (or plan for the next trip). When he is not preoccupied with the enormous IB workload (and a bit of onset senioritis), he likes to participate in extracurricular activities such as mock trial, model  United Nations, and China Thinks Big. He is currently a founder and president for an  organization for the intellectually disabled in Shanghai, Project SNAP, and an avid member ofthe school’s MUN community. He hopes to carry on the tradition of TEDx events at SHSID,  and looks forward to the “ideas worth spreading” this year!