Andrew J. Shainker   

      Andrew Jordan Shainker born in Cleveland, Ohio is a human rights activist, teacher and standup comedian residing here in Shanghai, China. Creator and Fonder of LGBT organization OpenDoors Andrew Jordan Shainker is a believer in universal equality. His human rights organization in the last three years has grown to more than 500 people in China with offices both in Beijing, and Shanghai. What started as a simple idea has helped countless LGBT members find the necessary support they need with a network of over 2000 people worldwide. OpenDoors meets  once a week to form authentic connections outside the bar scene and away from online dating. A social activity group founded on the basis of having fun while being yourself.

       His style of storytelling is raw, vulnerable, and speaks the truth to anyone who has never quiet fit in. When he is not performing onstage Andrew continues to pursue his passion of writing, and photography by tapping into numerous social media outlets to express his identity, purpose and meaning in life.

Leo Szeto

        Leo Szeto is a recent graduate of UCLA in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and has been spending the last few years designing and building Shanghai Disney Resort as an Imagineer, specializing in RideEngineering.

       A strong believer in the creative potential of everyone, Leo has given numerous talks in the US and China on the “Technical Creative”;People who can dream, design, and execute, with vision and passion.

      To that end, Leo had built his interests and hobbies around building and creating things; He has worked on and lead projects such as GPS guided bomb sniffing dogs, Skype based telepresence robots, a walk-in Christmas snow globe, and most recently, a card game about designing evil dungeons for unsuspecting heroes.

      Simply put, Leo loves what he does.

Davy Guo and Mooney Niu

Davy Guo

Ph.D Candidate in Counseling Psychology
University of Manchester


     As a Counseling Psychologist, Davy has been trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Person Centered Therapy, and Solution Focused Therapy. Hehas had professional experience working with people that have a wide range of mental health difficulties such as anxiety and depression and holds personal interest in providing therapeutic support for people with respect to cultural adjustment and transition issues. Davy is also currently a member of the British Psychology Society.

Mooney Niu

Mental Health Counselor
M.Sc., B.Sc.
University of Massachusetts, Boston


       Mooney is a mental health counselor with a professional background conducting individual and group psychotherapy for clients with depression, anxiety, PTSD, suicidal ideation, history of violence and paranoia. She incorporates skills from various approaches, including psychoanalytic, person-centered, cognitive-behavioral and solution-focused approaches to support her client’s strengths. Her genuine concern and interest in her clients helps them to connect with her. Mooney is also very passionate aboutproviding resources for international communities, and strives to serve as a bridge between different cultures.

Larry Schuster

    Larry is the 2012 Toastmaster International Evaluation Champion for North China, a TEDx coach, creator of “TED Talks for Impact” workshops, and executive speech coach. Every professional job he has had for the past 25 years has been about telling stories: as a journalist in the US, and as international business development manager for a pharmaceutical company in China.

       Larry has presented seminars about storytelling for influence, in business and leadership for MBA programs at the MIT-Shanghai Jiaotong University joint MBA program, at Manchester Business School in Shanghai, and Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai campus. He has conducted storytelling and communications training and seminars at multinational companies in Shanghai, in banking, automotive and pharmaceutical industries.

       Coaching clients range from a world champion women’s boxer to prepare for her inspirational keynote speech for 500 Nike store leaders and employees to the chairman of a global architect firm for his TEDx speech for 600 people.

Shirley Sham

      Shirley Sham Yen Yi, a law student from Hong Kong ,currently studying at Fudan University with full scholarship. Shirley, at the same time, is Chinese beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned as the 2014 Miss Earth China and represented China at the Miss Earth 2014 international competition. She cares deeply about people and the environment, to preserve ourmother earth and contribute to the society.

       Throughout her life, Shirley has involved in varies of charitable activities. She has given free lessons to visually impaired students for 7 years, involved in ORBISevents, served the empty nest elderly once a week for 2 years and worked indifferent animal shelter.

        Shirley is also keen on environmental protection. In summer 2015, she has visited HuaXin, Thailand under the invitation of its government as an environmental ambassador; facilitated the China-Thailand cooperation on environmental policies. Later in 2015, she has met with Prime Minister of South Korea under the invitation by the Korean Government. In that trip, she has discussed and signed two China-Korea agreements on eco-tourism in Namhae city and Changwon city respectively.

 As she pursues further in the legal profession, she will stay committed to making environmental and social contribution, and strive to seek synergy between two fields.  

Lawrence Chow

      Born in Taipei, Lawrence Chow grew up in Vancouver and has spent time living in Canada, China, France, and the United States. His interests in postcolonial literature led him to double-major in English and French Studies at Wesleyan University. Lo-Ching is now the Program Coordinator at Stepping Stones. He enjoys reading and writing poetry during his free time.

Carol Zhu

Ms. Zhu serves as the Senior Vice President/Managing Director for DIA Greater China. Previously, she worked at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, where she was the Senior Program Officer for R&D Programs. Prior to her work at the Foundation, she was the founder and CEO of START Shanghai, which was one of the earliest Phase I oncology service companies in China.

Ms. Zhu brings twenty years of experience in clinical research, business operations, and project management in the pharmaceutical industry, having held positions at Merck Sharp & Dohme(MSD) and GSK.  Her work was key to establishing GSK’s R&D Center in Shanghai, where she led the clinical and business operations.

Ms. Zhu received her B.S. degree in Pharmaceutical Science from Peking University Health Science Center(Beijing Medical University) and an MBA from Rutgers University, USA.

Wendy Xia

     Born in May 2000, Wendy Xia is a typical high schooler who, once in a while, finds herself in utter confusion in the trivial complications of life. Apart from getting into young Werther’s shoes, she undergoes utmost joy when competing with her teammates on the volleyball court, would never mind a sip of coffee or some cheesecake in the middle of the night, and is absolutely enamoured by the charm of foreign languages and cultures. She is often described as spontaneous and is thus evidently ready to either spark waves with wild creativity or lingering way behind of schedule, both options sharing, queerly, an equal possibility of taking place. Her life goal at present is to bring notable change to the world, and is absolutely thrilled to introduce social issues and solutions thereof to the audience.

Frank Wang

       Frank Wang is an ordinary Year 10 student from YKPS, butthinks and acts differently. After discovering his interest in business last year, he founded a business learning platform, OneBiz, to provide readersacross China with engaging student-made educational articles as well asinspiring interviews with some of the country’s most successful entrepreneurs. With an aspiration to positively influence the lives of others, Frank has chosen to take a step further beyond his own school community and reach those who have little access to business learning. As he continues along the path towards a career in business, he hopes to continue sharing his passion and making a difference in people’s lives.

Jung Jung

     Born in 1997 Sep 4th, Jung has been rapping since his head was small enough to fit in a size 8 new era hat. He is a kid who can say "I can do anything another than study" because he won a business startup competition held by San Ko, won a speech competition, has 23k followers on a music blog, got first place in an ASB election but does not take any AP classes. He annot remember names very well due to his prosopagnosia. He has released an album titled [Buffet], and his label is called [StandUpMusic]

Liz Xu

Liz Xu (Xu Liangsi) is a freelance artist and designer who graduated the China Academy of Art Class of 2009. She has participated in various art exhibitions in China and other places around the world, such as Hangzhou’s CAACenturyStar Exhibition in 2009, the Shanghai Youth Biennial Art Exhibition in 2011 and 2012, and John Moores Painting Prize in both China and England in 2012. She has also been involved in various other events such as Shanghai Design Week in 2014 and the Macau International Design Week in 2015.

Michelle Mao

Michelle Mao is a member of the graduating Class of '17 at Shanghai American School Puxi. She has been beatboxing for four years now, learning entirely through video tutorials, imitation, and practice. Though beatboxing originated as the art of mimicking drums, it has evolved to become an extension of the human body with infinite potential, which is what she loves about it. For her, Beatboxing has become a way to discover and challenge her. In the past two years, she has traveled to Tianjin and Guangzhou, the north and south extremes of China, to watch or compete in beatbox battles.