Our theme for TEDxYouth@SHSID 2017 is "Behind the Scenes." In our age of information, we often take many aspects of our life for granted, neglecting how these facilities came to be and the underlying challenges and obligations that various industries or individuals must face when         creating these constituents of our society. With this theme, we hope to explore the whys and hows of these issues and unveil the secrets of how our community came to be, and thus further          appreciate our surroundings with a brand new perspective.

TEDxYouth@SHSID 2017的主是“幕后的故事”。在我数据化的代社会,人们时长把生活中的所有的事物当做理所当然并因此忽些便利是如何生的,以及各行或个人时时刻刻必的挑戰和义务。通过这个主,我希望探索我世界里的“什么”和“如何”,并借此从新的角度欣的周遭。

Here’s to those who make it happen...