Shirley Lei:
Thinking and Doing Things Differently in Social Responsibility

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

Shirley tells us multiple anecdotes from her experience to show why this quote matters so much. From South America to Africa to right here in Shanghai, the impact that learning can have on our lives is witnessed several times. With this in mind, Shirley set out to establish a charity known as "Reading for the Future" at a migrant children center in Pudong. Along with a few volunteers, she prepares books for the children every month and hosts small discussions. In the process, she has become friends with the children there and together they explore the fascinating details of the world around us. One particular child, ZiQiang, was afraid to express his thoughts in the beginning. But with the help of books, he discovered a passion for Renaissance art and became an avid participant of discussions in no time.

Always remember that learning is a continuous journey.

Grace Jing:
Democracy, or the Lack Thereof, in the United States of America
The United States is a democracy. Simple enough, yes? Grace disagrees. In this compelling talk, she makes the case for why democracy in the US is fundamentally flawed through a break down of the branches of government. She dives into the functions of the Constitution, Congress and the Supreme Court to reveal facts considered counterintuitive to the ideals of democracy. Most chilling is how "the fear of the power of the people" is written in the foundation of democracy, or how corruption has swayed elections since the birth of America. With analysis and revelations, the question looms: Does this system work at all?
Zmack! Family:
Witness the beauty of improv in this silly, passionate and interactive show that brings you the best of comedy in Shanghai.