The theme for TEDxYouth@SHSID 2018 is called “Above, Over, and Beyond”. In an era filled with entertainment and conveniences, we are often immersed in our comfort zones, free from stress and risk. There is nothing wrong with staying in your comfort zone, unless it stifles your desire to challenge yourself, quenches the thirst for new knowledge, and hinders the realization of your full potential. With this theme, we hope to explore incredible individuals who reach beyond their limits and thus encourage each other to strive for excellence over the boundaries defined by ourselves. Check out how these individuals started from the smallest details, deviated from their routine, and gained valuable experiences that helped them grow as a person.

TEDxYouth@SHSID 2018主题是“超过 逾越 凌驾”。在眼下生活极其便利,各类信息与娱乐充斥着生活的年代,我们很自然地沉浸在自己的“舒适区”内,逃避压力与风险。你固然可以这样选择,但你赖以生存的“舒适”也许正在渐渐地扼杀你挑战自我的欲望,消除你对知识的渴望,并阻碍你充分发挥自己的潜能。在这个主题下,我们希望发掘那些不断超越自我的人们,激励大家跨越那些既定的条条框框。看看这些人是如何从小事开始,打破常规,收获与众不同的成长经历。

TEDxYouth@SHSID 2018 Promo