Amanda Li

Amanda Li is the founder and CEO of LILISCUPCAKES, a healthy online cupcake shop based in Shanghai, China that is known for its delicious and unique cupcakes that have classic and playful designs. Amanda started her business in 2016 after graduating from Fudan University, where she decided to pursue her passion for baking instead of continuing to study literature. She embarked on her entrepreneuership with the help of her sister Stacy Li, hence the fusion of their family name Li into their shop's name to symbolize family love and support.

Emily Chang

Emily Chang is the Chief Marketing Officer of Starbucks, China. Over the last 18 years, Emily has demonstrated a track record for cross-cultural team leadership, change management, and innovative brandbuilding. Most notably, she is known for her personal and authentic brand of people leadership. Prior to Starbucks, Emily worked in executive roles at IHGand Apple. In her free time, Emily loves to teach (blogging on LinkedIn and speaking at events like TEDx). She loves to read as much as she loves to write, and challenges herself to learn a new "big thing" every year (last year was playing the cahon drum, this year is pulling the perfect espresso). Most of all, Emily enjoys spending time with her family: her husband of 17 years, her 9 year-old daughter Laini, their rescued mutt Holly Berry, and their rescued Pygmy Hedgehog Scarlett Jellybean.



Cici Wen

Cici Wen is a high school student from Shanghai East Foreign Language School Affiliated to SISU. In her daily life, she has endless passion for public speaking because she clearly recognizes that courageously expressing her own opinions is the very first step of being a change maker. She is also into Chinese painting and playing the bassoon. By experiencing both Chinese traditional culture and Western musical theories, she gets to understand different cultures and ways of thinking. Her TED speech lays emphasis on an inspiring attitude towards life. During her volunteering trip inYunnan, she saw how children there lived constructively and simply with one another in the local community. Cici sincerely hopes that this lifestyle could encourage everyone to rediscover themselves and find out the true meaning of life.

Matthew Yang

Matthew Yang is a sophomore in SMIC Private School who engages in humanities and liberal arts. He actively participates in debate and Model United Nations and attained second place in the NSDA Shanghai tournament, and he received best delegates in major conferences like MUN International Schools Consortium (MUNiSC). He is also a fiction andpoetry writer,with numerous works making front pages and winning contests indifferent publications.  In his talk, he will share how he got introduced to humanities subjects and fell in love with them.

Rick Xu

Rick Xu is a seasoned corporate executive with over 25 years of experience working for multinational companies. In 2012, Rick made a drastic change in his career. He left the corporate world and started redeveloping and localizing the Human Energy Management (HEM) training program that is proven to improve people's health, energy, and efficiency. Now, Rick provides training and related serves to over 50 corporate clients mostly from multinational companies. He also lectures at international business schools.

Born and raised in Beijing, Rick received his Bachelor of Engineering degree from Tsinghua University in Beijing, and later his Master of Science degree from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

Shirley Lei

Shirley Lei is the founder of Zenith Advisory, a consulting company that helps corporations and organizations achieve their best performance through people. Shirley acts as the bridge between diversified cultures and civilizations to help Chinese professionals gain global exposure, and international executives to deeply understand the historical and developmental landscapes of China. Shirley loves reading, traveling, and physical training. With a growth-and-contribution mindset, Shirley devotes her time and energy into a never-ending learning journey to explore the world with curiosity and confidence. With accumulated life and work experience, Shirley is a truthful, interesting and passionate story teller.

Shirley gave her TEDxSHSID 2017 talk on philanthropy and will present “Outside the Box” in 2018.

Tamar Chelouche

VP Global Innovation, SIT China. Tamar Chelouche is responsible for helping companies to gain value through innovation. Her motivation, both as facilitator and manager, is to inspire individuals to reach new and inventive perspectives and to enhance their performance by embedding novel innovation solutions. For 12 years, while Tamar worked with SIT in Israel where she traveled the world and partnered with global market leaders such as Bayer (Australia), CocaCola (Russia), Mars (Germany), J&J, Pearson and American Water (US). In China, where Tamar currently resides, she and her team have worked  with companies like Bayer, Ford APAC, Haier, Haworth, Jinmao group, Medtronic, Shanghai University and with the Bureau of Education, to name a few. Her primary focus is to help embed a culture, practice and mindset of innovative thinking across a broad range of organizations from multi-nationals to medium-sized companies, SMEs and startups.

Yi Xu

Yi Xu is the CEO of FocusEdu, a subsidiary of Shanghai Sanli Education Group. Yi focuses on helping students prepare for college applications. He has one of the best success rates of helping students get into Ivy League universities in China. Yi holds an MBA degree from Stanford University and a Masters degree from the University of Chicago. He worked at Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse before he started his own company.

Often times we are set on a journey defined by others, without really thinking much of its worth. We do things because OTHERS think they are cool or valuable. There are always decisions that can define our lives so he wants to share some experiences to help students.

“Above, over and beyond” is a mentality to embrace the uncertainty with positive attitudes and the ability to make tough decisions with confidence. We need to identify the truly valuable metrics, to  filter out the noises, and we will be able to go “Above, over and beyond.”

Harvey Sun

Hiko Komatsu

Yasuhiko Komatsu is the founder of the SHS Birding Community. Since the age of 10, Hiko has been pursuing clear bird photos and new species to add on his list of observed birds. Recently, Hiko has taken steps to broaden the applications of his interests. He has written a guidebook for 44 species of birds observed on school campus, given a lecture at the primary school, and hosted a photographic exhibition. Currently, Hiko is working on further promoting awareness through starting a club, bringing the club members on birding trips, and participating in dismantling of illegal mist nets in rural Shanghai. Hiko feels social responsibility to inform his peers on the hardships birds of Shanghai are facing today, and is dedicated on his journey to ensure migration patterns that have existed for millennia to continue for years to come.

Takayasu Yamane (Performance)

Takayasu is a junior IB student in SHSID, where he integrates his piano talents with his social and academic life. He has attended competitions every year and received outstanding results, including the gold medalist in 2015, 2016, 2017 Shanghai Students Piano Competition and 3rd place in 2016 Yamaha Piano Competition in China. He has also found a particular interest in piano improvisation, in which he creates his own music according to a picture, a video, or other given stimuli.