With the constant rushing-to-and-from-places that exists in
our lives today, we seldom have time for self-reflection. We
often forget to sit down and reminisce on all that has happ-
ened. With the theme “REWIND” this year, we hope to offer
people an opportunity to rewind, reflect, and remember—re-
member the people we’ve met, the decisions we’ve made,
and everything that makes us, us.

Of course, we should take self-reflection to a larger scale:
to the communities we cross paths with every day. Today you
working in your place. Today the “global village” might be
might be commuting to work, tomorrow a machine may be
functioning as usual, tomorrow it may be annihilated by nu-
today, and what will we be doing tomorrow?
clear missiles. What are the steps we have taken to where we are
today, and what will we be doing tomorrow?